1. Please contact your assigned speakers to finalize the program of your session at least 4 weeks before the meeting
  2. Please facilitate the management of the session to keep the speakers on time and also leave for interactivity (Q&A)


  1. Please finalize your topics for each assigned session and send to the session chair before the announced deadline
  2. Please be in coordination with your chairs and cochairs by replying to their emails in a given time
  3. Please stay on time for your presentation and leave time for Q&A.
  4. Please make sure that you declare your disclosures in one slide
  5. For the ones assigned to multiple sessions, please be aware that you will receive separate emails per session to connect you with your chair and co-chair
  6. Fill in all the requested forms completely and correct
  7. You are requested to adhere to consort and prisma guidelines for a proper writing of your abstracts